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We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic Wellness Solutions. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Matthew Singer

Janet age 53:

My story is unique in that I had been suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome for the past five years before I spoke with Dr. Singer about his three step protocal that successfully healed me.  For the past five years I had gone through two surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy and rehabilitation on  my wrists which honestly did not fix the problem.  As a school nurse I depend on my hands all day to draft reports and perform examinations which, in the past, left my hands and wrists writhing in pain.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I was referred to Dr. Singer and how much it changed my life!

Thank you Dr. Matt,




Dr. Matthew Singer is no ordinary chiropractor.  I did not know this until I spoke with him.  He is actually a trained Holistic ChiropractorBut what truly makes Dr. Singer EXTRA-ordinary is that he loves what he does!  From the first moment I met him it was obvious that he had such passion for his trade.  He is an expert at performing his skills as a Holistic Doctor of Chiropractic.  At first I went to his office thinking there was not much he could do for me until he told me that holistically the body heals itself as long as the brain and body can talk to each other properly.  Soon after I started care at Dr. Singer's office I noticed considerable effects from his treatment.  I had a 66% decrease in nightly urination and the ringing in my ears has decreased!  Overall I feel more whole and healthy; I can already feel my body approaching homeostasis from his treatment.

Thank you!


I was a patient of Dr. Singer for about 5 weeks when I had asked him about my 7 year old son who, every night of the week, was waking up at 2:30AM.  He explained in detail the connection that the brain and spinal cord have towards the proper functions of our body.  I was so impressed when my son started sleeping through the night that my other son, husband, mother, sister, and brother-in-law are all patients now!  I felt like it was the first time in my like that a doctor actually listened to me!

Thank you so much,


Phil: age 28

 Since I was a child, migraine headaches ruled my life, an episode would literally leave me unable to do anything  As I got older the symptoms got worse to where I was waking up in the middle of the night in an unbelievable sweat thus making it impossible to fall back to sleep.  I have tried surgeries and medication to ease the pain but the migraines just kept getting worse.  In addition I own a very large mason business and the migraines were effecting my ability to work! 
After starting care at Chiropractic Wellness Solutions Dr. Matt helped me so much with the migraines that now I always sleep through the night, and rarely, if ever, get a migraine anymore.  I recommended the office to my family and I truly am healthier since becoming a patient.

Thank you,


Tom age 37

I never really considered going to a chiropractor until I was faced with a major hip injury yet to this day I do not know how I did it.  However I was recommended to Dr. Singer's office by my dentist, that was the best advice he has ever given to me!  When I first met Dr. Singer I was barely able to walk thus leaving me unable to play with my nephews.  Upon examination and X-ray findings I was shown all my findings and exactly the methods Dr. Singer was going to use to correct my subluxation.  After the very first adjustment I was amazed because I was able to walk, not limp, but walk out the door!  I am forever grateful for what chiropractic has done to improve my life yet I was so impressed with Dr. Singer and his office that I would recommend him to everyone and anyone.

Thank you,


Kevin age 55

My story is probably familiar to many of my colleagues  because I am a port authority policeman and  after making one dumb move, I felt a pop in my low back, fell to my knees and was literally carried into the office that morning.   The pain was so intense I could feel it deep in my gut!  Dr. Singer truly helped me get back onto my feet in a hurry.  I followed the exercises and rehabilitation regimen he prescribed for me and underwent cold laser therapy for a few weeks.  Long story short I was able to return to full duty at work in less that a week.  I have made chiropractic another routine to my daily life.

Thank you so much Dr. Singer,



My son had been struggling with bedwetting through the age of 10.  It was becoming increasingly stressful for him and myself, especially when he made up excuses why he was unable to sleep over at his friend's houses.  On a visit to Dr. Singer's office I had mentioned the situation to him and he recommended I bring my son in for a consultation.  After only a few weeks of being under the care of Dr. Singer I am so proud to say that my son no longer has accidents at night and he is looking forward to sleep away camp this summer!!!

Thank you so much Dr. Singer,


Lyme Disease

I was fighting a losing battle for over 10 years with my Lyme symptoms.  I had been put on over 22 rounds antibiotics over a 10 year period however the symptoms in my body were getting worse by the day.  I was so frustrated over the fact that no doctor had any answers for me, they just kept prescribing another drug that eventually made my body weaker.  These symptoms eventually took over my life and I was put on disability from work which lead to massive depression, at times I wanted to commit suicide and just end the pain!

I was so blessed to meet Dr. Singer who knew exactly how to handle my case, it was as if he was the only doctor who really listened to me!  Within a few weeks of working with Dr. Singer and following his recommendations I felt as though my depression was gone, my pain was greatly reduced and I was back to work within 6 weeks of being under Dr. Singer's care.  I have absolutely no more symptoms from the Lyme and I am back to running, weight training, and enjoying my family!  I thank him every day for saving my life and I truly and grateful for all he does for his patients.

-Les Grossman, N.J.


Two years ago I was feeling amazing with energy to complete all my daily tasks at work and home.  Gradually I felt my health was deteriorating to the point that I had such little energy I couldn't even take a walk with my fiance.  I went from zero medications to taking four medications that were not helping and just making me fat and irritated.

I was sent to Dr. Singer from my primary doctor and after discussing my symptoms, Dr. Singer performed a very thorough exam and analysis which confirmed Epstein Barr virus and a whole host of other bacterial and viral strains in my body.

After around my third visit at Dr. Singer's office I truly felt like I regained my health and my life!  I was so blown away at the results that it still shocks me, especially when many other doctors could not help my symptoms.

Thank you so much for your help!

Mark S.- N.J.

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